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A UVA Ph.D. Tutors SAT in Fairfax, VA

This private SAT tutor teaches SAT English and SAT math (math for the SAT reasoning test and for the SAT subject tests), in one-on-one SAT-prep lessons, at the student's home, in Fairfax County, Virginia. Small-group tutoring classes and online tutoring lessons can also be arranged.

To see how effective this tutor's SAT-prep tutoring has been, take a look at, for example, the 2013 PSAT Score Report (total: 223; percentile: 99) of a Fairfax, VA, sophomore whom this tutor has been tutoring.

SAT-Prep eBooks by this Tutor

Read a chapter in these SAT-prep eBooks written by this tutor:

Fairfax, VA, SAT Prep classes Fairfax, VA, SAT Prep classes

Tutoring Methods

Prior to each tutoring session, this tutor assigns to the student College-Board-issued SAT practice tests as homework; during each tutoring session, this tutor reviews with the student the completed sections of the SAT practice tests to focus on explaining the questions that the student has answered wrong or unsure, in order to have the weak areas strengthened. This tutor may recommend additional books to the student and will help the student acquire the knowledge, skills, and habits for shaping a sharp mind not only for earning high SAT scores but also for attaining a successful career and a happy life.

Tutoring Guarantee

The first SAT tutoring session comes with this guarantee: if you do not like the tutoring, you need not pay the tuition. This tutor is confident that you will like to benefit from more SAT-prep tutoring lessons taught by this tutor. For information about how to improve the SAT scores, send an email to tutor(at)FairfaxSAT.com, call or text 703-646-1SAT, or use this form to send your inquiry to this independent, private SAT tutor:

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